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24 September 2015 @ 06:43 pm
Title: The Moonlight is a Messenger of Love
Chapter 21: Covert Maneuvers - Wiseman
Series: Star Trek AOS fused with Sailor Moon
Rating: PG-13 overall (no additional warnings needed this week)
Summary: Things go from bad to worse, but there's a ray of hope. Also never doubt the power of love. Or friendship.
Notes: On the chapter.
Words: 4000 this chapter, 115k total
Content: Genderswap as usual.
Disclaimer: I don't own anything tbh.
19 September 2015 @ 01:48 pm
Title: The Moonlight is a Messenger of Love
Chapter: Complication - Nemesis
Series: Star Trek AOS fused with Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Words: About 4000 this chapter I think, 111k total. I'm not great at keeping track anymore, the Google Docs for each arc are pretty large.
Summary: They go to Nemesis and there is a reunion. Jamie has a super close call.
Notes: On the full chapter on AO3
Content Advisory: Attempted Sexual Assault this chapter, but the victim gets a swift revenge. Also if you haven't figured out it's genderswap by now like...
10 September 2015 @ 07:20 pm
Title: The Moonlight is a Messenger of Love
Chapter Title: Crystal SF - King Endymion
Series: Star Trek AOS fused with Sailor Moon
Rating: PG-13
Words: Total 108k, this chapter about 4k
Summary: Welcome to Crystal SF, we hope you enjoy your stay.
Notes: On AO3
Content: Well the polyamorous triad romance I guess, but also something terrible happens mind-control wise to two people this go around. So I mean, bad stuff is starting to ramp up.
02 September 2015 @ 06:55 pm
Title: The Moonlight is a Messenger of Love
Chapter Title: Time Warp - Sailor Pluto
Series: Star Trek AOS mixed with Sailor Moon
Words: We're at 105k Now. Ten million strong and growing.
Content advisory: Five people get laid this chapter, but not all together. And also not really on camera. None of them are Jo, FYI. That would be uncool. Also everyone is still girls except Bones and Sam.
Notes: On the chapter.
Summary: Jo makes her decision, we meet Sailor Pluto in the flesh, and someone dear to Jamie finds out about what she does after school.
Story: The Moonlight is a Messenger of Love, aka Star Trek AOS fused with Sailor Moon
Chapter Title: Invasion - Sailor Venus
Words: 5500 or thereabouts, 91k the whole thing (JFC I've done an arc and a half and it's that many words?)
Summary: Hikaru is issued a challenge. More questions get answered. And more people find out about the Sailors.
Notes: On the post on AO3
Content advisory: violence typical of Sailor Moon. Someone gets choked this chapter, but she only has herself to blame for that. (It is obviously not one of our heroes.)
Title: The Moonlight is a Messenger of Love
Series: Star Trek AOS fused with Sailor Moon
Rating: PG-13 because they're wee lassies
Words: Total for the fic is 85000, between the last two chapters is about 9k
Chapter Titles: Abduction - Sailor Mercury and Secret - Sailor Jupiter
Notes: As of the Jupiter chapter, this story now contains a polyamorous female/male/female (or female/female/male or male/female/female because pretty much every permutation is going to be a thing from here) relationship. The Spock chapter, we get to meet Amanda. Water and Lightning basically.
Summary: Of Abduction: T'Pock gets some rough news concerning her family, but there are some rays of hope as well. But a new Akiyashi sister shows her face and there are consequences.
Of Secret: Several things are revealed this chapter, but not the one you're assuming if you're a fan of the Sailor Moon Manga or Sailor Moon Crystal. Also Sam makes a joke only I will find hilarious.
Content: canon typical violence, kidnapping, sad parents, and a threesome relationship.
Notes: On the fic itself.

I actually posted the Mercury chapter last week on time, but I didn't realize until two days ago I hadn't said so on LJ. So it's like, if you follow LJ communities and not Tumblr, you get a double bonus!
Title: I Could Blow Through the Ceiling if I Just Turn and Run
Series: Star Trek AOS - modern day AU (well 20 years old at this point but eh)
Rating: NC-17 for explicit sex, lots of swearing, and non-explicit sex
Words: 14,029
Pairings: Primarily Jim/Bones but there is also Bones/John Harrison and Gaila/John Harrison with some tiny Gaila/Bones
Summary: April 8, 1995. AKA John Harrison Day for the crew at Enterprise Records. But a lot more goes on than just a signing and meet and greet for a pop singer, and Jim's life changes for good.
Content advisory: there's a homophobic slur in this used by a person who sucks. Be advised.
Notes: On the fic at AO3. Lotta music references in this that took me a while to compile!
Title: The Moonlight is a Messenger of Love Chapter Fourteen: Infiltration - Sailor Mars
Series: Star Trek AOS fused with Sailor Moon
Rating: Teen and Up for canon typical violence and some cursing, plus hints at teen sexuality
Words: 77000 and some change total, about 5k this chapter
Summary: The Black Moon Clan arrive in the midst of the Starfleet Academy school festival. And they are mean.
Notes: On the chapter on AO3.
Content: I mean at this point since it's not possible for men to be Sailor Senshi, the genderswap should probably be a given. But also there's some charred dead people in this not described in great detail minus the smell.
Title: The Moonlight is a Messenger of Love
Series: Star Trek AOS fused with Sailor Moon
Rating: PG-13/Teen and Up
Words: 73,000 and counting, this chapter about 6100
Summary: A bit of calm before the storm for our heroes. Though a storm IS coming...will they be able to weather it?
Notes: On the chapter.
Content advisory: Not really on this chapter.
Title: The Moonlight is the Messenger of Love
Series: Trek AOS fused with Sailor Moon
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and violence typical of Sailor Moon
Summary: The final battle between good and evil.

Or is it?
Notes: On the chapter.
Words: The chapter is about 5500, the total is 67k.
Disclaimer: Not mine. No lawyers.